VPX SR-9011

VPX SR-9011

Trifunctional methacrylate ester. It provides exceptional adhesion to metal substrates. SR9011 exhibits good chemical resistance, good hardness, good heat resistance, high abrasion resistance, and fast cure response. It does not support high temperatures, localized heat sources (drum or band heaters), oxidizing conditions, freezing conditions, direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, and inert gas blanketing. Used in metal coatings, plastic coatings, alkyd coatings, and glass coatings. It should not be used with strong oxidizers, strong reducers, free radical initiators, inert gases, oxygen scavengers, other sources of ignition, alkali metal ions, heavy metal compounds, and amines. Recommended to be used at a usage level of 5-10%.

Intended for Athletes frequently called Cardio in a container. SR-9011 works by expanding the tally of mitochondria and in this manner are phenomenal for fat misfortune and increments in perseverance. Stenabolic can expand calorie consumption by 5% making the body consume an extra 5% in calories in any event, while resting. Anyway, these are by all accounts not the only positive medical advantages seen with Stenabolic.

Advantages Of SR-9011

-Muscle hypertrophy
-Decrease in Plasma triglycerides by 12%
-Builds vascularity and bone quality
-Builds bulk and size.
-5% expansion in calorie consumption
-Upgrades in cholesterol and glucose
-Decrease in Total cholesterol by 47%
-Decrease in Plasma non-esterified unsaturated fats by 23%
-Decrease in Plasma glucose by 19%
-Advances attentiveness and diminish aggravation
-Increments mitochondria sum
-Upgrades recuperation and muscle development
-Fast bulk gains
-Improves feeling of prosperity

Chemical Information

Molecular Formula: C19H18F3N3O6

Molecular Formula: C23H31ClN4O3S
Molecular Weight: 479.04 g·mol−1